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Building Solutions Inspection Type & Fee Schedule

Inspection Service:

All of our inspections include a full review of your home with an ASHI certified home inspector & licensed builder of 30 years. We are certified, licensed & fully insured, which is not a typical requirement of most home inspectors.


We do have an MLS key for easy access & convenience; this keeps you selling more real estate & less time managing. Our pricing is competitive especially compared to our experience. Don’t settle for less because your client deserves the best to know the facts about their purchase, the good and the not so good. Our inspection includes a careful explanation from an expert of the findings. We enjoy meeting your client after the inspection(s) have been completed for a debriefing of their new home or building.

Home Inspection-Standard

Home Inspection reporting on defects w/ full inspection service per ASHI requirements, energy efficiency measures & potential improvements to the home. Typically includes approx. 30-60 pictures, reporting completed within 48 hours or less, for large homes expect longer time frames. Pricing may vary due to foundation type and or location.

Our Prices

Home Inspection (000-1000)

$ 385

Home Inspection (1001-1500)

$ 385

Home Inspection (1501-2000)

$ 400

Home Inspection (2001-2500)

$ 435

Home Inspection (2501-3000)

$ 475

Home Inspection (3001-3500)

$ 495

Home Inspection (3501-4000)

$ 545

Home Inspection (4001-4500)

$ 595

Home Inspection (4501-5000)

$ 645

Home Inspection (5001-5500)

$ 725

Home Inspection (5501-6000)

$ 795

Home Inspection (6001-6500)

$ 1,075

Home Inspection (6501-7000)

$ 1,275

Home Inspection (7001-7500)

$ 1,350

Home Inspection (7501-8000)

$ 1,800

Home Inspection (8501-+)

$ Need Quote

Special Exceptions

Projects located beyond a 25-mile radius from our office are subject to a mileage surcharge. Price: TBD

Premium Home Inspection

Add-on for Premium Home Inspection to each category above. $100.

Detailed reporting on defects, energy efficiency measures & potential improvements to the home, as in typical home inspection along with detailed home features, detailed analysis on HVAC diagnostics(1 Zone) and typically includes approx. 80-100 pictures.

New Construction Inspections Process

Final inspection price same as above but pricing may vary on inspections prior to final due to the client needs, project complexity and the amount of inspection phases needed. We have set up an a la carte of choices for your entire process. Estimate required per project.

Typically a final inspection only on New Construction follows menu above for price.

11th month New Construction Inspection: Follows menu above less $50 compared to size of home. (If Building Solutions performed initial inspection, if not call for quote.)

This is a very important step in making a real estate purchase & w/ over 30 years in the construction business building solutions puts their expertise & knowledge to work for you!

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Other Services and Fees with Standard Home Inspection

Re-Inspections $175-275
(depends on complexity and location)

Radon Testing $125
(48-hour test per EPA Stds, depends on location)

Septic Dye Test $125

Mold IAQ  $200

Sample taped add $50 each
Air is an extra add $50 each
Includes 2 samples with 1 required at exterior.
This test is also based of square footage per sampling area.
Test results within 48 hours typically!

HVAC Diag. $100

Pool/Spa $100/pump

Drinking Water Testing $145
Results in less than 5 days for bacteria.
Sample testing of water especially in the cases where wells are present.

Energy Efficiency Services

Duct leakage testing $ 225
Per system or Zone

Air infiltration testing $200

Airflow testing per zone $225

Combustion gas testing $185

Energy Star certification: Quote need

Energy Audit Quote: Quote needed

Any services request without an inspection request

Will be assessed a $25-$50 fee for the first one due to travel time. Prices above are for request during regular business hours, requests for Saturdays and holidays prices will be adjusted accordingly!

Radon Testing

Always use a calibrated electronic device for accuracy and have a professional certified to properly administer the test, Building Solutions!

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Infrared Camera Use

If you are concerned about moisture or leaks ask about using our advanced services to help you detect any problem areas in your home.

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Air Flow Testing Process

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Duct Blaster Testing Process

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HVAC Efficiency Testing & Diagnosis

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Blower Door Testing Process

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